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St. Francis of Assisi Medal 14KT Gold

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Lovely round St. Francis of Assisi medal 14KT gold, finely crafted with attention to detail. This gorgeous medal, with beautifully hand engraved edges will make a keepsake treasure for years to com.
St Francis of Asissi (1181-1226), Stigmatist, considered to be the founder of all Franciscans orders and one of the most beloved saints of the Church. While at prayer in the Church of San Damiano, Francis heard a voice from the cross telling him, "Francis, go and repair my house which you see is falling down. " He soon attracted a band of twelve followers who preached as itinerant s among the poor and sick depending solely on the generosity of strangers. He acquired the stigmata - the five wounds of Christ - in 1224, described in the 'Little Flowers of St Francis'. There are many stories of his rapport with animals and birds who tamely gathered around to listen to him preach. Patronage: animals; birds; Catholic Action; ecologists; merchants; zoos.